Making Your Restaurant Better

Making Your Restaurant Better

Saving Money on Your Wedding Meal

Virginia Caballero

Weddings are lovely ceremonies that symbolize a couple's love and commitment. They are sentimental, happy affairs that can cost a fortune, especially if you are serving a meal at your reception. Even if your budget is limited, you do not have to serve wieners on toothpicks to Aunt Rachel and Cousin Melvin. With a little creativity and flexibility, you can have an excellent meal and still pay your first month's rent as a newly wedded couple. 

Family Style

Caterers will offer you a per person price that may be $35 or higher without alcohol. Unless your parents are up for footing that bill, you would be wise to consider a family style sit-down dinner. Since weddings are about family anyway, this type of meal is symbolic as well as filling. Because the meal is prepared in large portions, the cost is much less than that of the traditionally catered meal. You can also offer your guests comfort food, a definite trend in recent years. Pot roast and mashed potatoes followed by pie and wedding cake sounds great to many people and will not put you into serious debt. Your guests will likely be able to have seconds as well. Many restaurants will be happy to work with you on such a menu.

Fast Food

Of course, you are not going to serve kid's meals complete with toys at your reception, but you can create a fun and tasty reception meal by offering American favorites such as pizza and hamburgers. You can create inviting tables that hold slightly upscale versions of these dishes, offering a variety of pizzas made for your wedding. Be sure to ask for your favorites and provide a few that will please vegetarians and those on a gluten-free diet. A hamburger bar with a dozen or more toppings will be fun for the guests and less expensive for you. Any kids at the reception will also be thrilled that they don't have to eat grown-up food. 

Of course, you want to provide your guests with a great experience, including an excellent meal, but you do not need to spend money that you cannot afford. Give yourself a break and choose less expensive meals that are satisfying crowd-pleasers. Your guests will be happy with the food, but remember that they attended your wedding to share in your happiness. If you stress out over the food and other details, you will not enjoy one of the most important days of your life.

If you're still thinking of having your even catered, consider contacting several local wedding caterers to discuss prices before making a final decision.


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