Making Your Restaurant Better

Making Your Restaurant Better

Ordering Steak In A Restaurant: How To Get The Best Cut Of Beef For Your Taste

Virginia Caballero

Whether you love a juicy, tender cut of beef or you like your steak so well-done you can scarcely cut through it, you want to make sure your restaurant experience when ordering a cut of beef is extraordinary. To avoid having to send beef back to achieve the flavor and tenderness you desire, use this guide to help you in placing your next steak order.

Know the cut you want

If you want a juicy, tender steak, then consider ordering the rib eye. It has the most fat of all the popular cuts of beef, and is likely to give you the full flavor and melt-in-your-mouth texture you desire. If rich flavor and tenderness are what you are after, then order a filet. If you want a cut of beef that is full of rich, authentic flavor, order your meat with the bone in (common with tenderloins or filet cuts), so you can have the best steak experience in any restaurant.

Know how 'done' you want your steak

The texture, flavor, and ultimate enjoyment of any steak, whether you order a short loin or a rib eye, is how long it is cooked. If the thought of blood pooling out of your steak or the red interior makes you cringe, order your steak well-done. If you prefer the most natural flavor of your cut, order it rare or medium-rare. It's always best to order your steak less done than overly-so, so if you are unsure of how cooked you want your steak to be, order rare or medium-rare. Your server can take it back to have it cooked a bit more to your liking if your steak is too 'raw' for your taste.

Ask where the beef comes from

Grass-fed beef is well-known in European countries, resulting in a rich-tasting beef that is low in fat content, where in America beef is often raised on a mixture of grass and grains. This results in a decent balance of fat and juicy cuts. Ask the origin of the beef you are ordering to help you decide on which cut will work best for you.

Ordering steak in a restaurant can be a thrilling experience if you understand the difference between each cut and know the flavor you are aiming for. From a decadent rib eye to a succulent tenderloin, beef prepared to your specifications can make your mouth water and make your restaurant dining adventure a joyous one.

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