Making Your Restaurant Better

Making Your Restaurant Better

4 Tips For Ensuring You Have Enough Food At Your Event

Virginia Caballero

When planning an event, one of the number one concerns is food. After all, you don't want your guests to be hungry while in attendance at your event because this can lead to guests becoming agitated and leaving much earlier than you would have liked. In order to be sure that this is avoided, you must be sure that you have enough food at your event. Here are four tips for ensuring that this is possible: 

  1. Give Caterers a Guest Count: The number one reason you want to ensure that guests RSVP to your event is so that you can give an accurate guest count to your caterers. This will ensure that they know just how much food to prepare in order for each guest to receive their fair share. Keep in mind that numbers are going to be rounded up to guarantee that there will be enough food. For example, if you have 135 guests, this number will usually be rounded to 150. 
  2. Tell Your Caterers the Event Time Length: The longer the event, the more food that needs to be available. You will also have to prepare a number of different courses throughout the event, such as a cocktail hour, appetizers, main course, and dessert. If the event is going to be shorter than 4 hours, though, you can usually just prepare one course and a dessert. 
  3. Have Enough Beverages: First off, you must be sure that you have enough water for every guest to drink multiple glasses of. If you want to serve other drinks, such as soda, alcohol, and more, you should plan to serve these things later on during the event, such as with dinner. This is because these drinks tend to make people hungrier, which can mean that you will run out of food faster. 
  4. Order More Than Enough Dessert: Since dessert is the last thing that is served, be sure that you have more than enough. This will allow everyone to enjoy dessert well into the end of the event. The best thing to do is to leave dessert out on the table for everyone to have access to once the main course has been served. Desserts should be rounded to a higher number than the rest of the food. For example, for 135 guests, round to 200 to ensure there is enough.

When you follow these four tips, you can be sure that when it comes to food, your event will be a hit.    


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