Making Your Restaurant Better

Making Your Restaurant Better

Starting Up A New Pizza Restaurant? Don't Make These Two Mistakes

Virginia Caballero

If you are opening a new pizza restaurant, you need to make sure you understand what you are about to take on. Making mistakes in the beginning can make a difference in your restaurant being a success or a failure. Below are two mistakes you may make with your restaurant so you can do your best to avoid them. This should help you keep your restaurant running for a long time to come instead of closing the doors.

Not Having the Right Pizza Oven

If your staff does not have the proper equipment to do their job they will not do it well. This can mean the food going out of your kitchen will not be satisfying. Because you have a pizza restaurant, the oven is the most important piece of equipment.

Make sure the pizza oven is working properly if you purchased it used. If you plan to buy a new pizza oven, you need to be sure you purchase an oven that works good with your restaurant.  What you choose depends on the type of pizza restaurant you have. If you need to get pizzas out quick, a conveyor oven would be a good choice. This oven would be quick and easy for your staff because the timing is pre-set and pizzas simply run through a conveyor belt. This oven would also be a good choice if people ordered from you online so you can have their food delivered to them quickly.

If you have an upscale pizza restaurant, you may want to choose a deck oven. It does require your staff to have more knowledge on how to work the oven. These ovens are generally more expensive and they are usually built onsite.

Not Knowing Kitchen Procedures

As a restaurant owner, you have to make sure all kitchen staff follow the right kitchen procedures. This includes keeping the kitchen, equipment, and cooking utensils cleaned, and storing food properly. Your kitchen must follow certain standards. Your restaurant will be inspected and given a score periodically. How this works depends on the state that you live in. You will have to keep food stored at the right temperature at all times, the food has to be properly handled and cooked. These are just some of the standards you have to follow for your restaurant.

Opening a new restaurant is an exciting time, but make sure you are ready before you open your doors.


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