Making Your Restaurant Better

Making Your Restaurant Better

How Chefs Can Take Responsibilty For Creating Healthy Food Served At Catered Events

Virginia Caballero

Gone are the days when people passively eat whatever is served at catering events. They now want catering companies to take responsibility for the type of food they end up eating at catered events. That means you should make sure the food selections you offer are not processed food, which is unhealthy. Customers want food produced straight from farms, that is appropriately cooked and enhanced with farm-grown herbal seasonings, and that fits natural diets. Chefs can be influential in making sure that customer needs and preferences are met.

Building Relationships With Local Farmers

You can begin by engaging and building relationships with farmers in your local areas. This relationship should start with the assumption that farmers can deliver adequate volumes of food without any problems. Of course, it's important that both farmers and chefs jointly plan the sort of crops that will be cultivated. This is particularly important to your business and customers. You'll then be able to plan dietary menus before the crops are ready for harvesting. You can also check with local companies in your area that produce cheeses and then arrange to purchase from them for your customers' events.

Fresh Fish Orders

Think about ordering fresh fish from local fishermen. You might even want to form relationships with fishing enthusiasts who hunt fish and then arrange to buy their catch of fish. That's certainly one way of obtaining the freshest fish, which will delight your customers when you add the right local seasoning herbs to the mix.

Promote Regional Drinks Products

Give a thought to purchasing regional beer and wine when you are preparing food for an event. Wine served at events have the potential to enhance the flavor of the food you are serving. Spring water from regional areas could be an idea that goes over well with customers at events.

Helping To Preserve The Environment

Your customers may be pleased to also learn that your food is not transported from the farm to your place of business by long-haul truckers and engines that belch out smoky emissions into the environment. It's no secret that emissions from trucking vehicles are destroying the environment as they spit out smoky fumes from truck engines on their long-distance delivery travels.

Plan a decrease in the way food is transported to your place of business. Why should you do that? Well, healthy people want you to join the greening brigade in America. A working relationship with local farmers for delivery of food helps you to curb the worrisome carbon footprints that threaten planet earth's existence.


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