Making Your Restaurant Better

Making Your Restaurant Better

Ready To Try New Cuisines? 4 Tips For An Enjoyable Food Tour

Virginia Caballero

If you're somewhere new on vacation, you're going to want to sample the cuisine. Unfortunately, that can be difficult, especially if you don't know where the best restaurants are. That's where a food tour comes in. With a private food tour, you get to sample some of the best food in town. Best of all, your tour is led by guides who really know their way around town. Before you head out to sample delicious food, you should do some advance preparation. Here are three simple steps that will help you make the most of your food tour.

Plan Your Wardrobe

When you book your food tour, be sure to ask if it will be a walking tour, or a riding tour. While most food tours require you to walk through the restaurant district, some tours will offer rides to each location. Once you know whether you'll be riding or walking, you'll be able to plan your wardrobe. For both types of tours, you'll want to wear non-constrictive clothing around your midsection. This will allow you to enjoy your food samples without the discomfort of tight pants around your waist. If you're going to be on a walking tour, you'll want to consider these additional tips.

  • Comfortable shoes
  • Hat
  • Umbrella

Bring a Bottle of Water

While most restaurants will offer water, you'll want to make sure you bring your own along. Having a bottle of water will make it easier for you to cleanse your palette between meals. The water will also help you stay hydrated if you're on a walking tour. The last thing you want is for dehydration to cut your guided food tour cut short.

Consider When You'll Be Touring

You'll want to plan your daily meals around your food tour. If you're going to be having a mid-morning tour, be sure to eat a light breakfast. That way you won't already be full when you begin sampling food on your tour. If you're going to be taking a late afternoon food tour, don't plan a big dinner afterwards. In most cases, your food tour will fill you up, which means you won't be hungry for a big dinner.

Be Adventurous

Food tours are designed to allow you the opportunity to sample some of the area cuisine. Be adventurous. To get the most of your tour, don't shy away from foods you might not recognize. Try a little of everything you're given. You might find out that you have a new favorite dish.

Food tours, like Food Tours Of America Las Vegas, are a great way to sample a wide variety of cuisines. Use the tips provided here to help you get the most out of your tour.


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