Making Your Restaurant Better

Making Your Restaurant Better

Tips For Ordering Pizza Delivery When You're On A Diet

Virginia Caballero

It's common for people to stop ordering delivery pizza while they are dieting because delivery pizza can be high in sodium, calories, and fat. However, dieting doesn't mean that you have to give up pizza completely. You might be surprised to find out that you can drastically reduce the amount of calories per slice of pizza just by altering you order a bit.

Order Whole Wheat Crust

A lot of the empty calories in a slice of pizza are in the crust. This is because most pizza dough is made using processed white flour. Not only does process white flour have little nutritional value, but it actually increases the insulin levels in your body, which, in turn, can cause your body to crave more processed white flour. So when you're ordering delivery pizza, one of the best things you can do is order your pizza with a whole wheat crust. If that isn't an option, order a thin crust pizza to eliminate as many empty calories as possible.

Skip the Cheese

Did you know that you can order a cheese-less pizza? In fact, when you order a cheese-less pizza, you lower the overall calories of your pizza by about 124 calories per slice — a slice of plain cheese pizza has approximately 272 calories, and a slice of cheese-less pizza has about 148 calories. But ordering a cheese-less pizza doesn't mean that you have to eat your pizza without any cheese at all. You can top a slice of pizza with a tablespoon of Parmesan cheese and it will only add about 22 calories to the slice. If you can't imagine ordering a cheese-less pizza, order your pizza with low-fat mozzarella pr Parmesan or ask the pizzeria to only use half the normal amount of cheese to cut down the normal amount of calories.

Top Your Pizza with Veggies

When you choosing your pizza toppings, you should avoid loading the pizza up with a lot of meat. Topping your pizza with veggies instead helps keep the calories per slice lower. If you want to indulge and top your pizza with meat, opt for a leaner ground turkey or chicken over meat that has a higher fat content such as pepperoni, sausage, or bacon.

The fact is, ordering a pizza that doesn't contain a lot of unwanted calories isn't difficult. Most pizza places offer a wide selection of healthier options for people who are dieting. Once you learn how to order correctly, you don't have to feel guilty about ordering pizza delivery.


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