Making Your Restaurant Better

Making Your Restaurant Better

Ideas For A More Casual Steakhouse

Virginia Caballero

Historically, people have thought of steakhouses as being upscale eateries. The dress code is typically business casual or above, and guests are expected to follow fine dining etiquette. Visiting an upscale steakhouse can be an enjoyable experience, but if you run a steakhouse and want to set it apart, you may want to consider departing from this classic, upscale narrative. You can run a casual steakhouse — and guests will love it. Here are some specific ways you can tone down the experience and keep things casual.

Offer Some Cheaper Cuts

If you're going to run a more casual steakhouse, at least some of your guests are going to expect lower prices. An easy way to accommodate these guests is to add some cheaper cuts of steak to the menu. This way, you can still charge what you need to make a profit on higher-end cuts, like fillets, while also offering options for diners on a smaller budget. Sirloin is a great cut to include. It's much cheaper than fillet or strip steak, but reasonably tender, especially when marinated. Hangar steak is another more affordable cut.

Include Sides With The Meals

At an upscale steakhouse, it is customary to offer the steaks and sides a la carte. So, if you include sides with the steaks, it will instantly make the experience feel more casual. You could even include a salad, bread, and two sides with each meal. Make sure your sides are approachable, too. Options like French fries, mashed potatoes, and coleslaw will satisfy guests' palates without seeming too high-brow.

Have Your Servers Dress Down

If your servers are dressed casually, guests will know it is also acceptable for them to dress casually. A good, basic uniform for them to wear would be black pants and white, button-down shirts with black aprons. Have them skip the ties, as that gives off a more upscale vibe.

Serve Lots of Beer

Wine and cocktails make for an upscale vibe. Beer makes a place feel more casual, and yet, it is excellent with steak. Partner with some craft breweries in the area to serve their locally made beers on tap. You'll have plenty of guests who love coming in after work for a steak, a beer, and some fries. This is a much more casual, welcoming vibe than is found in many steakhouses.

A steakhouse can be fancy, but it does not have to be. If you prefer to run a more casual steakhouse, the ideas above can help you realize that dream.

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