Making Your Restaurant Better

Making Your Restaurant Better

Want A Fast Meal? Choose Your Sandwich Spot

Virginia Caballero

Sandwiches have got to be one of the fastest foods to prepare from scratch, but that doesn't mean you want to be stuck always making your own and always making the same thing. Finding a sandwich restaurant is the ticket to a quickly made and leisurely enjoyed meal where you don't have to do any cleanup. If you want a sandwich, you have a range of places to choose from.

The Classic Deli and Diner

You can find an array of sandwiches at classic delis and diners, from market delis or hole-in-the-wall diners with a few tables to full delicatessens and full-service diners in huge spaces. This is where you find your clubs, grilled cheeses, hot pastramis, and more. Diners can be greasy spoons, 1950s throwbacks, or plain and no-nonsense stops for meals. Delicatessens can be classic New York-style, traditional Jewish delis, or focus on European cuisine. Of course, other types of restaurants can have similar sandwiches on their menus, but those places likely aren't known for their huge sandwich selections. 

Cuisine-Specific Sandwiches

Another option is the cuisine-specific sandwich shop. These can focus on a specific type of sandwich, like a sub or hoagie, or a type of cuisine, like shops dedicated to making only Vietnamese banh mi or Japanese onigirazu and katsu sando. The aforementioned delis that focus on one style would be in this category, too. You can also find restaurants dedicated to fish sandwiches as well. Of course, you'll want to revisit those places you love occasionally, but be sure to try some new sandwich styles, too.

The Avant-Garde

Some sandwich shops focus not on cuisine but on creativity, combining foods to build sandwiches that other shops aren't making. These can be influenced by different cuisines, such as a sandwich that uses, say, club-sandwich ingredients in an onigirazu-type wrapping, or they could look more like a smorgasbord of ingredients that follow the general structure of a sandwich but aren't what you were expecting. With these shops, you have to check out the menus to see what you can get. Thankfully, these places tend to have their menus online in glorious detail.

There's a whole world of sandwich restaurants out there. Get pastrami if that's what you're craving (and enjoy it), but at least once in a while, try another sandwich type. Keep these tips in mind when looking for a sandwich restaurant in your local area today.


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