Making Your Restaurant Better

Making Your Restaurant Better

Unique Ways To Have Onions On A Pizza

Virginia Caballero

Onions are a popular topping choice on all sorts of pizzas. The flavor of this vegetable features all sorts of notes, including sweetness, spiciness, and more. On a conventional pizza, it's common to find small slices of onion above or below the cheese. When you visit a gourmet pizza restaurant, however, you'll often encounter more unique ways to have onions on your pie. Each of these options can not only change the flavor of each bite you take but can even increase the visual appeal of your pizza. Here are some unique ways to enjoy onions on your pizza. 


Lots of pizza restaurants offer caramelized onions as a topping. If you're accustomed to standard fried onions, you may wish to order a pie with caramelized onions for a change. The cooking process involves cooking the onions for a prolonged period at a very low temperature. This makes the sweet taste of the onions much more pronounced, and many restaurants will even add sugar to the onions to enhance their sweet flavor. Caramelized onions are common on white pizzas, and you might be surprised at just how flavorful this topping can be.

Onion Petals

Some pizzerias have pies that feature onion petals, which are pieces of onion that are cut carefully so that they resemble a flower petal. The pizza maker will typically place these petals in a circle around the pie—often distributing one petal per slice—to give your pizza a stylish look when it arrives at your table. Red onions are common for this type of pie, as the purplish color helps the petals to stand out more. This is the type of beautiful pizza that you'll want to photograph and share on social media before you dig in.

Raw Onions

There are all sorts of pizzas on the market that feature raw toppings that go on after the pizza comes out of the oven. Perhaps you've tried a pie that has fresh arugula or another type of green on top of the cheese. Some of these pizzas also feature thin slices of raw onions, which can give the pie more of a pungent flavor. Onions often lose a little flavor as they're cooked, but a few slices of raw red or sweet onion on top of your pizza can give it a flavor to remember.

Visit a local pizza restaurant to learn more ways to top your pizza with onions.


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